For truck rentals delivered in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, & all surrounding areas for Jobsites and industrial!!! We can deliver for long term jobsite truck rentals!! 

Rental family!!!

Are you looking for long term job-site truck rentals? We have them!

  • We can ship to your location

  • We offer low truck rental pricing with long term truck rentals.

Are you in need of a jobsite truck to move your staff in & out of the plant, while you work a project? We have them!

  • Our contractor trucks are cleaned & up to date on all maintenance.


  • We maintenance, we deliver, & we are local, and we are LOW-PRICED!!!

So come on contractors!! See McCurry Van & Car rentals for all of your contractor van & truck needs!!!

For more info call Joseph Totten at 256.874.5566 OR call Gary Stewart at 256.278.0550